Friday, October 3, 2014

Iran: Remains no gold for Asian basketball

The host team Korea and the power house Iran faces to the finals of 17th Incheon Asian Games 2014.

The score ended in an upside down game by 2 points in favor of Korea 79-77.

Forward T.J Moon scored a team high 19 points but misses the one important free throw in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter.

This gives a chance to Iran to even winning the game by a three pointer of Nikkhah Bahrami but misses. Luckily Hadadi got the rebound but failed to get a basket with two defenders challenging him.

Sadly, Iran remains zero gold in an Asian game. Korea on the other side tied the Philippines with 4 Golds in 2nd place behind the power house China.

"It means the world to win the Asian Games gold medal," said Korean coach Yoo Jae-Hak. "We were desperate to win. I can't describe how happy I am."



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