Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sad ending for Gilas? I think not, Why?

The Gilas Pilipinas had lost their game against Puerto Rico in FIBA World at Spain. The NBA player JJ. Barrea toped the Puerto Rican's lifting them in a 14 point lead in the 2nd quarter.

The Filipino fans are in mixed feeling with disappointments but with pride for our own team.

Its not yet over for Filipino basketball. Its just the beginning, and this beginning will make us stronger as we compete with these guys in the future.

Why we should be ashamed? 

I think we must remember here the great game that we had rather than remembering those sad losses. 

Remember this?


This is the start that those giants in basketball should not taken us lightly the next game we have. Today we prove that we are not pushoffs in this league. And we are something that they should look off.

Remember, the other two teams is Asia. All of their game are not even closer in winning. Philippines has the best chances among the three.

This means, we are the best in Asia. Agree?

Hi five to all those Gilas players who stands for our country against those giants. 

I hope and pray that the Gilas won't lose their heart in basketball. May this loses be an inspiration to all basketball fanatics in Philippines to pursue harder in playing our beloved sport.

The next years in basketball will be a different story. Go Gilas! Stand still! Do not be ashamed!

Still, the Philippines have one more game against the Senegal tomorrow at 8PM (PH time) and hopefully, we could win one.

#LabanPilipinas #LabanGilasPilipinas #PUSO


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