Monday, September 15, 2014

Nancy Binay: Senate Bill 2398: House Arrest Bill

Senator Nancy Binay submitted a bill at the Congress last September 8, 2014 named "Senate Bill 2398" or also known as the "House Bill Arrest".

The bill contained as "An Act allowing house arrest or confinement in places other than regular detention facility for detention prisoners".

Hmmm sounds familiar?

Rumors spread that this bill initiated by Senator Nancy is a preparation for his father-VP Jejomar Binay, his brother-Mayor Jun Binay case against the overpriced Makati Parking Building 2 that was very viral today which is the focus of the Senate.

Particularly Senators Cayetano at Trillanes noses on it and people are doubt by their true intentions of it. People also watched every hearing on its live coverage on televisions.

Senator Binay said that the bill was passed not for the case of the overpriced building and its future results.

"The recent death of an infant of a pregnant detention prisoner, including other detention prisoners with health or other special conditions, have generated interest in "house arrest", hospital arrest and other alternative ways of confinement of certain detention prisoners who by their situation and personal circumstances require a particular care or attention." Binay said.

We hope this bill was truly intended to the people who truly needs this. 


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