Saturday, September 6, 2014

Myanmar beating the Azkals in 2014 PCC Peace Cup Finals

Gilas and Azkals have in common. Aside for being a Philippine Team, they fought with heart. They fought with passionate. They fought as there's no tomorrow.

The Myanmar team beat the Philippine Azkals in the 2014 PCC Peace Cup at the Rizal Stadium tonight in the Finals match up.

The score ends in 3-2 in favor of the Myanmar in about 100+ minutes to end the game.

Azkals, the 2013 Peace Cup Champion was dethroned as they were unable to tie the game and force a shoot out.

Stephen Shrock did not play in Azkal. Palestine was the third place this year.

Still congratulations to the Azkals for being the contender and fighting for their crown. Till next Peace Cup guys.

We lost fare and square. Were still proud of you. Go Azkals! Like the Gilas team.


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