Monday, September 1, 2014

FIBA World 2014: Recap Argentiva vs Gilas Pilipinas play by play

The Gilas founds its rhythm in 3 point line with its main gunners scored beyond the arc. Gilas opens up a 9-2 lead against Argentinians who were missing on their three.

Andrei on the bench with two fouls after scoring the first four, the Gilas remains all filipino and stand up against the taller guys. 

After the first quarter, the score ends with Gilas Pilipinas leading with 3 points in 25-22 score.

At 1:15 down on the 2nd quarter, Argentina found its way on the top after the three point shot of Nocioni 38-36.

The Half time ends with a three by the Argentinians 43-38 leading 5 points as they headed to their respective locker rooms.


Starting the 3rd quarter, an early turnover and a score by Argentina. Then a three point shot by De Ocampo to get get the score closer.

LA. Tenorio fouled at 3 point line at 6:51 and hits all free throw to mae the score closer again 48-46. Then Norwood slams again to tie the ball game.

Scored tied again at 51 all on the last three point hit by Jason Castro.

Then the Argentinian hit their last 3 shots leaving the Gilas Team behind by 7 points again 59-51.

The lead now with 12 points as Scola scores 2 points 65-63.

Mighty mouse comes in and then scores 2 three points to inch closer to 9 points 68-59.

Blatche scores the last 2 points to end the third quarter 71-61.

De Ocampo opens the fourth quarter with a point then Jimmy Alapag scores another three to inch closer to a 5 point lead.

De Ocampo scores again and make the lead down to two points only.
Argentina score two three points then and make the lead back to 8 points 77-69.

Jimmy scores again with three points as Gilas was close again within 3 79-76.

Mata scores 3. Score is 82-76.

Blatche score 2. 82-78.

Jimmy Alapag three points again. 82-81 score. Then a foul to Nocioni and misses a free throw.

24 seconds Gilas ball with 14 on the shot clock. 

Castro turn over. 12.7 shot. Gilas fouls 11.9 seconds remaining. 

Nocioni makes his two free throw. Then Andrei misses a three point shot with a 6 seconds remaining.

Gilas lost 85-81. Gilas taste its 3rd loss in the FIBA World. 

Sad ending again. heart breaking lost again.





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