Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who are the Official Line up for Season 77 UAAP Mens Basketball?

The UAAP Season 77 for Mens Basketball will start up on July 12, 2014 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Mr. Andy Jao has been appointed as the UAAP Season 77 Commissioner and he is looking forward for an exiting match up this season.

For the Season 77, here are the official line up of each team.

Check out the 1st round tentative schedule of the UAAP men's basketball tournament.

July 12 (Araneta)
2 p.m. UE vs UP
4 p.m. DLSU vs. FEU

July 13 (Araneta)
2 p.m. Ateneo vs. Adamson
4 p.m. NU vs. UST

July 16 (MOA)
2 p.m. UST vs UE
4 p.m. Adamson vs. FEU

July 19 (Araneta)
2 p.m. NU vs. UP
4 p.m. DLSU vs. Ateneo

July 20 (MOA)
2 p.m. Adamson vs. UE
4 p.m. FEU vs. UST

July 23 (Araneta)
2 p.m. Ateneo vs. UP
4 p.m. NU vs. DLSU

July 26 (Araneta)
2 p.m. UST vs. Adamson
4 p.m. UE vs. DLSU

July 27 (MOA)
2 p.m. UP vs. FEU
4 p.m. Ateneo vs. NU

July 30 (MOA)
2 p.m. FEU vs. UE
4 p.m. Adamson vs. NU

August 2 (Araneta)
2 p.m. UP vs. UST
4 p.m. DLSU vs. Adamson

August 3 (Araneta)
2 p.m. NU vs. UE
4 p.m. FEU vs. Ateneo

August 6 (Araneta)
2 p.m. UP vs. DLSU
4 p.m. Ateneo vs. UST

August 9 (MOA)
2 p.m. Adamson vs. UP
4 p.m. NU vs. FEU

August 10 (MOA)
2 p.m. UE vs. Ateneo
4 p.m. DLSU vs. UST


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