Monday, May 5, 2014

NBA: 2nd Round Game 1 Upsets

After a thrilling game 7 for the top seed Indiana, the Pacers are back in a loss in game 1 to Wizards in the 2nd round of play offs.

The Wizards hold the Pacers 102-96 in their home court. Bradley Beal tops at the scoring with 25 points which 14 of them came from the fourth quarter.

Trevor Ariza scored 22 points with 6/6 shooting from the 3-point line. Trevor never miss a shot at the 3 point line which Indiana didn't expect.

Paul George and George Hill scored 18 points each to help Indiana but the roaring Wizards manage the others to score.

On the other game, the Clippers upset the Oklahoma City with the score 122-105 gaining their first win too at the 2nd round.

Chris Paul scored 32 points with 10 assists and Blake Griffin dded 23 points. Meanwhile Kevin Durant scored 25 while Westbrook scored 29 points.

The Upsets are still in game 1, like the first round. But its a Game 7 play offs. We'll see if this second round comes to a sudden death game also.


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