Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kobe's new shoe inspired by Filipino icon "Pacman"

After that last years injury, Kobe is rumored comming back this season in the NBA. But before he reveals his existence in the playing court, Kobe unveils his new signature shoe on Wednesday (Thursday moning here in the Ph).

The new sneaker has a Filipino flavor which his pal Manny Pacquiao inspired him. 

“I was with Pacquiao, watching him train and prepare for a fight, and I’m looking down and I’m looking at his boxing shoe, and I said, ‘Man that’s hmmm… I wanna do something there,” said Bryant.

Unlike before with his signature shoes, the new sneakers a hgh-top design which boxers wear during their fight. And which Manny does.

We hope to see these shoes comes to the Philippines and of course many Filipinos will love to wear these Filipino flavored touch of the new signature shoes of Kobe Bryant.

credits to the owner of the photo.


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