Friday, December 6, 2013

First Filipino to fly into space

Among the top three contenders who was selected to be the first Filipino to fly in the space on 2014, the La Salle graduate didn't just imagine that he will be first Filipino to fly into space.

The 22-year-old psychology graduate from De La Salle University has been chosen to be the first Filipino to fly into space next year. He was Chino Roque.

A crossfit coach, will join the other 22 contestant from different countries were given the once-in-a-lifetime chance by the Florida-based Axe Apollo Space Academy to travel to space for 30 minutes on board of a Space Expedition Corporation shuttle.

Chino was among three Filipinos who joined 104 other astronaut-aspirants from 60 countries in taking a five-day course at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida. 

All aspirants were screened by their strength, stamina, and mental grit, and overall ability to cope with a zero gravity environment.

Then, Chino Roque was chosen. After this free trip on outer space, all individuals are welcome to try this once in a lifetime experience for about $95000 or which is P4Million here in the Philippines.

Too expensive? But ofcourse, it's a once in a lifetime. So if given a chance and with the resources. I'll try it! So Axe would you let me fly with it free? hahaha..


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