Friday, February 8, 2013

NAPOLCOM Online Application Moved

The PNP entrance and promotional examinations in April was moved to the month of May 2013, the National Police Commission has decided to move it on May 26, 2013, thirteen days after the midterm elections.

So the Online Application was delayed. 

"Napolcom announcement” shows the following new schedules:
  • Online Application Scheduling for Entrance Exam: March 4-15, 2013
  • Online Application Scheduling for Promotional Exam: March 18-25, 2013
  • Actual Processing of Exam Applications: April 1-30, 2013
  • Date of Exams: May 26, 2013

This will mean that the web page where you can apply for a schedule for actual filing will be activated on March 4 to 15 for the entrance exam and March 18 to 25 for the promotional exam


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