Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Life of Saint Pedro Calungsod; The Second Saint of the Philippines

Our Nation rejoices as we celebrate the canonization of our second Saint, Blessed Pedro Calungsod today in Rome along with six other generous servants of God.

Calungsod was beatified in 2000, becomes the second Saint from the Philippines (following San Lorenzo Ruiz who was canonized in 1987). Many titles are ascribed to Calungsod: Dedicated catechist, young migrant, enthusiastic missionary, faithful friend, unwavering martyr.

However, as the canonization is being held on World Mission Sunday, the  Church desires to emphasize the missionary dimension of his heroic witness of faith.

Here is the History of our Saint Pedro Calungsod:

Data on the life of Calungsod prior to his missionary work is limited. Yet, it is certain that he was a very young native of the Philippines particularly in Visayan Region-Cebu.

Born around 1655, Probably he received his basic education at the Jesuit boarding school, learning to communicate in Spanish while developing various skills in writing, translating, drawing, and singing.

Calungsod is one of several young catechists who traveled with some Spanish Jesuit missionaries to the Ladrones Islands (later renamed the "Marianas") in the Western Pacific in 1668 to evangelize the Chamorros.

On April 2, 1672 Calungsod was martyred, along with Jesuit Father Diego Luis de San Vitores, in the village of Tomhon on the Island of Guam by enemies who opposed the work of missionaries. 

Witnesses said that Pedro had several chances to escape martyrdom; he was young and agile. However, he did not wish to abandon Padre Diego. Others noted that Pedro probably could have defeated his aggressors, but he was unarmed since Padre Diego never allowed his companions to carry weapons.

After Pedro was mortally hit with a spare, Padre Diego gave him sacramental absolution; then the assassins also killed Padre Diego (beatified in 1985). Their bodies were thrown into the sea; no remains were ever found.

We pray that Saint Pedro Calungsod blessed all the Filipinos and continue their Faith in our God!

Hail to our new Saint!


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