Monday, August 6, 2012

Meralco Advisories: August 7, 2012

Meralco announced it will switch off power in all areas experiencing heavy flooding in Metro Manila on Tuesday, August 7.

Meralco advised citizens to turn off their main power switch if their home is already flooded, according to a message posted am on the company's Twitter account at 9.37am.

"Our crews have also already been deployed to attend to any trouble that may have affected our facilities serving your area," the electrical power distributor said after a day and a half of heavy rainfall and flooding in the National Capital Region.

The power interruptions are now affecting portions of EspaƱa, New Manila and La Loma, while the Sampaloc substation "has been de-energized due to severe flooding in the area."

Meralco assured the public that the company is monitoring the situation and doing its best to "provide power service without compromising public safety."

Previously, the electrical power distributor had said it was monitoring flood levels "to determine if power shutdown is necessary" if the flooding continues.



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