Saturday, February 11, 2012

Boxing: Casimero Team Mauled in Argentina After Winning

This is the video of Nazarte vs Casimero boxing match recently at Argentina. After the Argentinians lost to the filipino boxer, all people (mostly argentinian) hated the decision at the end of the fight. After they lost.

As we can see, Argentinian security around the boxing ring let the mauling incident happen. Maybe they tend to delay themselves to let the people's anger grow and take revenge.

Calling all the Boxing Organizers around the World. Don't let this thing happen to any boxers and team members. This things must be stop. And they must pay.

Filipinos are known to be a fighter, in ring. But not like that. Argentinian sucks!


Jumbo said...

boycott all argentinian products! you don't have the right to be in the world of sports! shame on you!!!

Jumbo said...

baabaric argentinians!

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