Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dengue Death Cases From Q.C. Last 2011 Rises Up To 68 People

Sixty eight (68) people are counted to the list of death regarding dengue cases last 2011. 

"The actual numbers are from 8,431 dengue cases from Quezon City." Dr. Rolando Cruz said, head of Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit of Quezon City.

He added that Barangay Bagbag was the highest barangay with dengue cases with a total number of 418. Followed by Barangay San Bartolome with 409, Barangay Commonwealth with 347, Barangay Batasan Hills with 333 and Barangay Gulod with 312 cases.

The most cases of dengue that dies came from Barangay Batasan Hills and most of the victims are ranging from ages one (1) to ten (10) years old.

This year they hope they could lower these numbers with continues program to deal with it.


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