Saturday, January 7, 2012

Delayed Imprisonment For Mayweather, Granted!

Mayweather has been granted to delay his imprisonment this January and moved ti the month of June. Mayweather's attorney Richard Wright who plead guilty on the boxer's domestic violence case.
The ruling of Justice of Peace Melissa Saragosa was witnessed by the supporters of Mayweather, Rap Star Li'l Kim and R&B artist Ray J in courtroom while Mayweather is on the other room waiting for the final judgement.

Saragosa said that the last minute plea of Atty. Richard Wright that requests to delay the sentence of Mayweather from January to June to give way for its upcoming mega fight in May 5, 2012 in MGM Grand Las Vegas with an unrevealed opponent.

"This is simply a delay because of prior commitments and contracts." Atty. Wright said.
"Mr. Mayweather has an obligation to this court, but given the fact that Mr. Mayweather has these obligations, I am going to grant your request." Judge Saragosa said.

"Next week, we will announce whom he will fight." Leonard Ellerbe said. Mayweather's adviser.

Speculations says that Manny Pacquiao is the Mega Fight that they area saying, but Bob Arum said that it won't happen and maybe is will be on November.

Whoever it is, Let's get ready to Rumble!!!


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