Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rhian Tweet: "See You In Court"

"these fables and lies will be corrected in court. as this is being made into a PR battle and countless "final statements", I'd like to save my efforts for my case."

"as he values public approval, I value the truth and justice and would rather not sacrifice that."

"I cannot make carefully crafted statements, I cannot give stories and force everyone to buy it just because I'll tell them "I don't lie."

"I don't "twist" the truth", I cannot sway you with the eloquence of thirty-four years in this world. but in this first year of my adulthood, this is my quest to become a new me, the me that will actually, for once, to try to stand up for herself."

"But when I do, I will do it the the right way at the right place. see you in court."

This was the tweet of CuberRhian, the official tweeter page of Ms. Rhian Ramos who has lately been in the headlines of the rumored abortion of DJ mo and Rhian's child.

When will this end? I hope Rhian continues to fight and seek for the truth and justice. DJ Mo should answer all of this in the court. He started it, now Rhian will end it. In court.


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