Saturday, December 3, 2011

Philippine Azkals V.S. L.A. Galaxy

The Dream Match between the Philippine Azklas versus the world's best team the L.A. Galaxy has come into reality this night at the Rizal Football Stadium.

David Beckham, Lando Donovan and the rest of the team comes to play and assures that they will not give an easy game for the filipino.

The brothers Phil Younghusband and James Younghusband also promised to give a god fight for the galaxy. Phil said very vocally that he's more inspired today because of his new shoes with the name of the apple of his eye "Angel" non other than Angel Locsin.

Of course, the superstar David Beckham making his statement that its not going to be an easy fight after scoring the first goal on the 20th minute of the game.

Bringing down the Azkals to a 2-0 lead after Magee scored the second goal at the 38th minute of the game.

Azkals fans has been quiet for a long time after the first goal of the filipinos was made courtesy of the main man Phil Younghusband. The score become 2 - 1 at the 41st minute of the game.

Keane, scored the 3rd goal at the 47th minute. Cristman scored the 4th goal on the 62nd minute having a 5 - 1 game score.

Gregg Belhalter, the veteran and soon to be assistant coach of the Galaxy scores the 5th goal on a free kick in the middle. Leaving a 5 - 1 score.

Cristman scored the last goal giving a 6 - 1 end score of the game.

David Beckham handed his jersy to Cong. Manny Pacquiao seconds after he was substituted at the field.

Though it was a devastating score over the Azkals, the Galaxy did not have the chance to make it easy. Still our Philippine Azkals made a good fight.

Till next time David Beckham and L.A. Galaxy. Thank You so much!


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