Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pauleen Luna The New EB's First Lady?

Rumors are spreading out fast as a new trend in yahoo comes out. Bossing Vic Sotto and co-host Pauleen Luna of Eat Bulaga are reportedly on a relationship status to each other. 

Pauleen said in her twitter page (pauleenjluna) "Thank you world for making me a happy girl. You gave me more than I asked for. I am blessed. I am grateful."

Is she referring it to Bossing Vic? We'll age doesn't matter this days anymore. Despite the age gap of 34 years to Pauleen, I think nothing can stop them now.

All we have to do now is to wait for their confirmation in a national television and answer all of this rumors.

But Yes, they are “officially” an item as confirmed to Funfare by somebody close to them, that’s why you must have noticed some very subtle sweetness in the way they treat each other on Eat, Bulaga! where Vic is “bossing” and Pauleen now the show’s new “first lady,” replacing Vic’s ex-girlfriend Pia Guanio who is now happily married to Steve Mago.

We just hope that Pauleen doesn't end like Coney Reyes, Christine Jabos and Pia Guanio who has been the first lady of Eat Bulaga before and now separated with bossing being happy with someone else.


tadonggeniuskuno said...

Kung totoo ito eh ibang klase talaga si Bossing... :)

♥ hana banana ♥ said...

u already boss vic!!!

napadaan ;)

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