Sunday, December 4, 2011

Miss Equador Crowned as Miss Earth 2011

Ms. Ecuador was crowned Miss Earth 2011 on Saturday, Dec. 3 at the U.P. Theatre in Diliman Quezon City Philippines. 

The Top 16 are Ukraine, Paraguay, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Slovenia, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina., Ecuador, Crimea and Philippines.

Among the Top 8 semi finalists are Crimea, Equador, Mexico, Philippines, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Top 4 Finalists are Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and The Philipiines. 

The Philippines’ representative, Athena Mae Imperial, who drew loud cheers from the most filipinos who were there to watch it live, was hailed as Miss Water. Caroline Medina of Venezuela was named Miss Fire while Driely Araujo of Brazil was crowned Miss Air.


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