Monday, November 14, 2011

Will Marquez Wear Another Shirt Saying " I Beat Pacquiao Trice"

The most awaited trilogy fight in this decade has come. Manny Pacquiao the pound for pound king going up against his mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez in MGM Grand last Sunday November 13, 2011 (Philippine Time).

After the 12 rounds of boxing, people were not satisfied how the fight ends. Manny is not likely the way he were before. Marquez came more prepared and focus. Pacquiao seems to be different that day. 

We don't know if Manny was distracted with all of those gossips and allegations thrown to him before this fight. And because of that, he was under prepared. 

I was watching the fight In a pizza parlor where I found that Marquez should win clearly that fight. Marquez threw punches that landed and hurt Pacquiao. 

Offensive strategy of Pacman seems to be out match in the counter punches of Marquez. Whenever Pacman tries to attack Marquez comes to counter.

But how Manny won the fight? 
Pacquiao has thrown 578 punches connecting 176 while Marquez had it 436 connecting 138. Pacquiao threw 304 jabs connecting 59 to Marquez's 182 with 38 connects. Pacquiao threw 274 power punches connecting 117 while Marquez threw 254 with 100 connecting. -
In other fact Pacquiao is still the Champion and Marquez is the challenger. If Marquez wants to prove that he can beat Pacquiao, he must knock out Pacquiao and not just throw punches back whenever Pacquiao throws one.
He must be the aggressive one.
I wonder if Pacquiao chooses to be that way. And make Mayweather think that he can beat Pacquiao and decide to fight him. Hmmmm. What a strategy.
Now, will Manny fight him again in a 4th battle? Or Marquez will wear another shirt saying " I beat Pacquiao Trice"?
Finally, Pacquiao now knows that Marquez is his true rival of all. Not that Gayweather wide mouth. Like a Yin to its Yang.


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