Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Other Boxer's Say In Pacquiao - Marquez 3 Fight

"I'm picking rounds three, four and five. Pacquiao is super motivated and their 3rd fight between Manny and JuanMa will not lasts 12 rounds." 

"There's the desire to end all the speculations. That's the reason he is training so hard for this fight. Even in sparring. I've never seen him this way. He almost knocked out his sparring partner today."  former WBC Super Flyweight and WBO Bantamweight Champion Gerry Penalosa said.

"It's going to be a good fight, but it's no-match. Manny is too polished right now." WBC Flyweight Champion Brian Veloria said. Veloria will defend his title on December 10, 2011 against Goivani Segura in Manila.

"If you fight Manny Pacquiao, you better be ready. If you ain't ready, you're in trouble. When that bell rings, he is coming. He is coming and he is going to throw a lot of punches to at you." Five Time Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield said.

Meanwhile, Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant also visited Pacquiao in his training likewise Holywood Stars  like Mark Wahlberg, John Cho and Giovanni Ribisi to show their support and idolism to Manny Pacquiao.


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