Wednesday, November 23, 2011

EDSA To Be Renamed As Corazon Aquino Avenue?

For the honor of former President Corazon Aquino, Rep. Rene Lopez Relampagos of Bohol filed the House Bill (HB) 5422 that propose to rename EDSA to Corazon Aquino Avenue. 
The proposal is currently pending in the House of Representatives before the House Committee on Public Works and Highways.

The People Power Revolution in 1986 that led to oust the president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Mrs. Aquino was called out by the people to continue the led the revolution after the death of Ninoy.
Rep. Relampagos do believe that it is right that the avenue should be named after the late Philippine President Aquino. 

But why? People remembered EDSA as one of the world's greatest unity of people for one reason. And now it will be remembered as Corazon Aquino Avenue?
Do you agree with that?

Many people think it was a waste of time, waste of fund, and a waste of national history. I totally disagree with this also.

Stop wasting.


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