Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Donaire: Early Knock Out For Narvaez

The WBO/WBC bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire Jr. wants to leave a mark on his first fight in New York City.

Donaire wants to finish the fight early in October 22, 2011 at WaMu Theater against Omar Andres Narvaes.

"I've been planning my steps on how to take him out. But with my power it can end any moment. I'm just glad that everything is going well and they are seeing my talent and got this opportunity to fight here." Donaire said in an interview.

Narvaez who is 36 years old now but hasn't lost any fight in his 37 bout but draws a fight twice in his early career years.

He is the king of WBO super flyweight but chooses to climb into a higher weight class to gain his chances of winning his third world title.

The fight will be done in the evening that's why Nonito chooses to practice in the night to condition himself.

"Every fight will always be the biggest fight. I want to take control of this fight and be victorious." Donaire added.

This is the last fight of Donaire in bantam weight class before going to a higher 122 pounds.


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