Sunday, October 23, 2011

Congratulations To Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire Jr.

The Donaire - Narvaez fight comes to an end today. As the filipino flash demolishes the Argentinian boxing hero into a unanimous decision of all referees favoring to Donaire.

Donaire throws and overwhelming punch while wearing a pink socks for the first time to  honor the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nonito throws a total of 666 punch while the challenger puches 299 and hide most of the 12 rounds.

"I did my best. I'm sorry it didn't come out the way we all wanted," Donaire said after the fight. "I wanted to open up. I could go all around him, but he wouldn't move. He just had his hands up. That's why I opened myself up to get him."

The champ did all he could to give the fans what he wanted against Narvaez, and the judges rewarded him with a 120-108.

The Donaire - Narvaez fight is the last fight of the champ in the weight class and moving up to a higher 122 pounds.

Go for it Filipino Flash! Were proud of you.


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