Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Azkals Won Over Macau: Caligdong With 2 Points

The Philippine Azkals defeated the Macau 2-0 at the end of 90 minutes of playing in Long Ten Cup 2011.

The substitute player Chiffey Caligdong scored all 2 goals of the Azkals.

The private first class air force Caligdong scored his first goal 58 minutes in the second half. The first kick was deflected by the Macau goal keeper but unable to manage the second kick of Caligdong.

The second goal was made in about 88 minutes of the game. Chiffey wanted to score again but the pass of Phil was too fast and bouce up before Chiffey kick it resulting a too high kick on the goal.

Macau had few chances in the second half but fall short as the Azkals goal keeper keep an eye on it.

Azkals had a 27 shots over 8 shots of Macau. Then got 10 shots on target over the 3 shots of Macau. Corners shots of Azklas had 5 against 3 of Macau.

The Azkals got 3 yellow cards while a 3 yellow was thrown at Macau.

Over all the Philippine Azkals got 67% possesion over 33% of Macau.

Again congratulations to the Philippine Azkals!


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