Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TESDA : Training On Bus Drivers

The agreement of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) and the Three (3) major bus companies namely  Genesis Transport, Saulog Transit and Dagupan Bus Company is now formally set to require all their drivers to be formally trained and be certified by TESDA.

The first TESDA-private sector partnership aims to build a skilled drivers that will benefit all passenger in a safer travel.

TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva said that the agreement with the 3 bus are set to enforce by TESDA next month. 

The drivers who will pass the training will definitely have their Driving National Certificate III (NC III) which will made them more competent among others.

"It is the sincere desire of the Genesis Group to break ground on skills upgrading. We really want our drivers to be trained along world class driving skills. For the general riding public, this would mean thoroughly-trained drivers with national certifications. For us at the Genesis Group, we really want to enhance and give value-added to our public utility franchise". Genesis Operations Manager Rely Jalbuna.

We hope that the other bus companies followed the initiative of the three (3) bus companies that sets a new standard for their drivers. This will make our streets , major roads and our country a safer place to live with. 


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