Thursday, August 25, 2011

OVP Warns Vs"Binay Text Scams"

The Office of the Vice President thru OVP Chief of Staff Undersecretary Benjamin E. Martinez warns the public to the text scams that uses the name of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

"Beware of text messages that say your number has won a prize from the supposed Pabahay of Kabuhayan Fund of Vice President."

"This is the same scam that was circulated earlier this year. It is unfortunate that there are some people who continue to use the name of the Vice President to deceive their fellow Filipinos."

Late this year, last April the OVP also warns the public with this text scams that uses the name of the OVP.

Martinez assures that there is no raffle draw  of the Vice President using cellphone numbers to pick the winner.

"These are totally bogus and should not be believed."

Even him admits that he received those text scam in his cellphone. And he asked the helped of the NBI to investigate this kind of scams. 

"Our office is already trying to trace the origin of these messages. We have also requested the NBI to conduct a probe."

Example of this bogus scam are like this;

"Congratulations!! Ur Sim # had won P480,000 + Sony Laptop from BINAY FUND HANDOG KABUHAYAN. 4 More info! Call me now. Atty. REY A. LIM DTI # 0138 Series 2011".

Beware of this.


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