Friday, August 5, 2011

NO MORE : "No Permit, No Exam"

"No Permit-No-Exam" policy is a No-No today in a tertiary schools and technical vocational schools. 

The proposal was approved in the final hearing at the Congress which suggests for a No-No for schools with a policy of No Permit No Exam.

The motion allows a right for a student to take the mid tern and final exam even he hasn't able to pay for tuition fee or any other fees in the school before their exams.

Kabataan Party List Rep. Raymond Palatino says that this will be a big help for the students and parents. When the idea becomes a law, the students can now focus on their studies and can review without any distractions. 

Meanwhile, schools implementing this rule has the right to raise an interest rate not higher that 6% and to hold the grades of the students if they refuse to comply.

Professor's and Schools are subjected for a fine for about P20,000 up to P50,000 if caught.


Jael said...

That's a good news for college students like me. Thanks for sharing it. :)

LhanLhan said...

yeah its a good news indeed!

Anonymous said...

Why not impose it also in HighSchool students, especially those who are graduating!!!

Anonymous said...

two thumbs up for the author!

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