Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enough Food For Filipino People

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala assures that there is enough food for Filipino people until 2013 because the people cooperates to the program the Government has given for the agriculture sector. 

In the 3rd cabinet cluster in the Pilipinas Natin forum on NBN 4 in Quezon City with regards to the climate change mitigation, adaptation and food security, Alcala said that the agency is continuing its advocacy to make the rice varieties be known all over the country. 

 Alcala added that the regions who were fields are vanished by the past typhoons will be given a free rice plant and fruit bearer plants in order to help them rise again.

With these farmers being helped by the Government, maybe the next following years we can expect more for our native source of rice and fruits.

Meanwhile, DENR Secretary Ramon Paje announces that they are planning to plant in a 1.5 milion hectares for 2013. For now we have 7.6  million hectares with trees and 8 million hectares are in need of reforestation project.  

DENR mandated that every student with 15 years old and above should plant 10 trees in one year to show support in fighting climate change in the country.

Alcala ends to say that "we are all responsible and we are oblige to cooperate in the climate change program of our Government." It is our duty, and we have to act. 


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