Monday, July 4, 2011

Azkals : Sweet Revenge

More than 16,2000 people watched the battle of Azkals and the Sri Lanka at Rizal Memorial Football Field last Sunday. 

The Azkals wanted to prove something and they didn't disappoint their fans after they defeated the raging Sri-Lankan's in a 4-0 score lead. 

The Azkals are headed to the second round of 2014 Word Cup Asian Qualifier in which they will fight the team Kuwait. 

Phil Younghusband did not show any sign of his hamstring injury on his last game after scoring 2 goals. The other 2 came from Chieffy Caligdong and Angel Guirado.

Caigdong gave the first goal for the Azkals in the 19th minute mark finishing the half with 2-0 lead after Phil scored 1 more. The team didn't loose its focus after Guirado scored another one when he eluded the defense of the Brave Reds goalie. And the free kick of Phil finished the game by its 2nd score in the game.

"This is just a start, we got long ways to go," team skipper Aly Borromeo said on an interview.

The game between Kuwait and Azkals is scheduled on July 23 and 28 in which the first game will be on Kuwait and the second game will be at Rizal Football Field again.

Borromeo and Stephen Schrock are gven yellow cards on the game and might not played on the first leg.


Hi I'm ROY said...

CONGRATULATION TO TEAM AZKALS. I am one of the big fans of Madrid team in FIFA World 2010.... now because of what you did to Sri Lanka, I am yours! Keep up the good work AZKALS. Next Fight with Kuwait bet them too. TEAM WORK is the best weapon to bet the enemy. Hope you can make it to the FIFA WORLD Cup

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