Thursday, July 28, 2011

Azkals Lost To Al-Azraq 2-1

The Azkals earlier this night lost to Al-Azraq in a 2-1 score with an aggregate score of 5-1 at the end of the buzzer.

Stephan Schrock scored the only score of the Philippine Azkals in the 47th minute while the chances made by the Al-Azraq gives them 2 more points in the 61st and 83rd minute of the game.

Finally the Team Azkals states that they cannot be underestimate by the Al-Azraq because of the skills of their players has given the fact that they have shown that they can play good football back in Kuwait.

 Even if the Azkals lost the game, we know and they now that the team has more to look forward to.

Maybe it's not our time today, but we know that someday the football team Azkals will rise among the others.


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