Tuesday, June 14, 2011

US Troops For Ph On Spratly

US Government assured that they will be an ally to the Philippines in the Spratly Islands controversy. US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. said at Makati Shangri-La Hotel in launching of the Energy Program which Pnoy has attended yesterday .

"The Philippines and the US are strategic treaty allies, we are bound to consult and work with each otheron all issued including the South China Sea, the site of a group of tiny island claimed by China, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries." Ambassador Thomas added about the  Mutual Defense Treaty by US Government and Ph.

Likewise he calls the attention of the nations who were in the controversy to be cool and lower each tempered.

Thomas statement alarms China and Ambassador Liu Jianchao warns the US to stay away from these issues. "The countries who were in this part will resolve it on their own in a mild way". Jianchao added.

Meanwhile, Vietnam moves on their on Naval live-fire drill at the area. China will have its drill on their on sooner, and the Taiwan Defense Ministry will send its missile boats on Spratly. 


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