Tuesday, June 28, 2011

US to China: Stop Showcasing Forces At Spratlys Island

The US calls the attention of China to stop the showcase of its forces at Philippine West Sea in a dialogue. "We want tensions to subside. 

We have a strong interest in the maintenance in peace and stability, and we are seeking a dialogue among all of the key players," Campbell said in a conference meeting in Honolulu Hawaii in which China was also there.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai said that the situation will be more complicated as the US gives its support to the claimants of the Spratlys Island. 

Cui added that US should limit the support because it will ignite more provocative actions.

After the China Navy drill, the joint military exercise of Philippine Navy and US Navy will be at East Palawan as soon as possible.


2peeeps said...

hindi tatagal baka mag karoon pa ng digmaan para sa Philippine West Sea na yan

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