Monday, June 20, 2011

OVP SIte Hacked

Visitors of the OVP website as of 4 a.m. Monday were greeted with a popup message, "Hacked by Blackrain," before the OVP page could load.

A second popup message would appear, seemingly greeting a certain Miho. "Hello to Miho! hoi! hoi!" it said. And clicking the second pop up will direct the visitor to the defaced OVP website - the image of the Philker hacker group.

Philker hacker group said in their message that, "We are not trying to damage you. We only want to help protect our country's cyberspace by doing what seems to be the most efficient way to get everyone's attention. May this deface serve as a reminder that you always have to look out for intruders. No matter how intelligent and competent your computer personnel are, there will be unethical hackers that are constantly working on breaking in your security," 

The hacker group differs today as they direct the link to the original website unlike before that they link it to their website. The first site victim was the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute last June 13 and then followed on June 16 when they hacked the Food and Drug Administration site.

On the end, the hackers quoted a message saying "Expect more from us. We are Philker,".

I hope that the Governement was alarmed by these intrusions and gives them a doubt that no one is safe in the world of internet unless you make your own safeness.  

Our Government was lucky that we are being warned by these people-group of people. But it is useless unless the Government itself doesn't get serious about it. 


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