Saturday, May 14, 2011

Willie's On Air

After hanging on the air for a month, Willie comes back on air later this night for his new show "Wil Time BigTime" on TV5. The new entitled show is much like the same as I watch it earlier. The girls are dancing the way they were before and her co host Coun. Shalani Soledad is still there to support them.

"The Hitmakers", Rico J. Puno, Marco Sison, and Nonoy Zuniga are the guest to play the first "Step Yes-Step No" segment for the prize that is same as before like 1 million pesos, a house and lot and a Foton car.

Willies sponsors came back to the show, "Bench and Foton" are still rolling to give prizes.

I'm just thinking if this is for good or this is for the meantime only. Like his past shows, criticisms are always there. People's eyes are still on Willie and his show so let us hope that this time Willie learned something.


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