Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Willie's Back

Willie has been suspended last month because of the Young Jan – Jan dancing like a “macho dancer” on his show. Many people twitted against the show (including celebrities) and call for the advertisers to withdraw they’re support on the show. 

The call succeeded and the advertisers were forced to withdraw and the MTRCB suspended them for about 1 month. Willie's emotion burst and eventually named the persons who twitted against him on his last show on air before the suspension.  After the show Willie keeps quiet and let the decision be made.

After a month, now Willie Revillame will be back on air this coming Saturday, May 14, 2011. With his newly refurbished show entitled “Wil Time Bigtime”, Willie will still occupy his primetime slot on TV5.

As the TV5 announced, Willie and Valenzuela Councilor will still host the show but the inclusion of the other hosts in the later show did not mentioned.

“Wil Time Bigtime will be aired at 5pm this May 14, Saturday and will be aired 6:30pm on the following days on TV5.

We will surely watch the opening of this new show and for sure all eyes will be on Willie again.


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