Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top Ten Facebook User In The World

Filipino's are so addict to a social networking site named "facebook". Who among the who filipino's are not interested in facebook? I think they are a few of them. As what the 24/7 Wall Street say's  that the "Philippines is the Social Networking Capital in the World". Having 95 percent sharing penetration much larger than Google with 93.9 only.

I admit it, I'm a part of that 95 percent people in the Philippines who are addict using my facebook account. I can't help it. My father and mother who are 50+ age are using facebook today and they are enjoying it as much as I do. As what saying say's "If you can beat them, join them".

Here are the top 10 country which are next to the Philippines in using the social site "facebook".

On the second place is "Israel" with a 91 percent sharing. Third is the "Israel" with 90.9 are using facebook. Next on the fourth is the "Chile" with 90.2 and "Argentina" on the fifth place with 89.2 percent. 

"Malaysia" has 88.4 percent penetration which is second on Asia and sixth in the world. "Indonesia "got the seventh place with a share of 87.5 percent. A total of 87.2 percent for "Peru" and a 86.9 percent on "Columbia" for eight and ninth place. And on the tenth place is the "Venezuela" with 86.2 percent sharing.


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