Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Win To Go - Chicago Bulls

At home court earlier, Bulls fight the Atlanta Hawks on game five of their best of seven semi finals match. The Bulls defeated the Hawks for the third time giving the a 3-2 lead victory. The bulls out scored the Hawks 95-83 in the final buzzer of the last quarter.

The 2010-2011 MVP Derick Rose scored 33pts with 11 out of 24 field goals and made 10 out of 13 free throws. Luol Deng followed him with 23pts, Boozer and Bogans added 11pts each. 

For Atlanta,  J. Teague scored a 21pts, Jonhson with 15pts, Horford with 12pts, Smith added 16pts, Crawford with only 2pts and Pachulia with 13pts.

Game 6 will be at Altanta and the Bulls are hoping to end the series at the Hawks home court.


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