Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nuffamily Day : Nuffnang Contest

 Nuffnang Philippines will be holding the first Nuffamily Day! It’s going to be on May 28 (Saturday), 2.00 pm at Crosswinds, Tagaytay. I wont be able to attend this even if I win, so I decided to post this for Nuffnang promotions. And here are the mechanics:

1. Make a blog post answering the question: WHY DO YOU LOVE NUFFNANG? They are assuming that you want to be at the Nuffamily Day because you love them, right? Remember, be creative with your style! You can make a video, write a song, or even create a mosaic- they won’t limit you!

Include in your blog post the number of people you’re bringing. Also indicate if you will be riding the NuffBus, or if you will bring your own transportation. Nuffnang Philippines will be providing a NuffBus for you! The NuffBus pickup/dropoff point will be at B5 (Figaro), Bonifacio High Street.
Lastly, say thanks to their sponsors who helped them make Nuffamily Day possible!

2. Fill up the form here to let the Nuffnang know that you have joined (on Permalink, please input CONTEST ENTRY URL). They will be accepting entries starting May 21 (Saturday), 3.00pm. The FIRST FIFTY (50) ENTRIES will be joining the Nuffamily Day.


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