Thursday, May 26, 2011

Miami Vs. Dallas To NBA Finals

 Miami finish the Bulls today. After taking the lead to 7 at the last two minutes 79-72 of the final quater, Wade made a huge 4 point play after the foul of Rose at the three point line.

Bulls again misses the shot and Lebron James tied the score at 79 after hitting another big 3 point shot with 1:01 minute remaining.

Lebron made a jump shot which led the score 81-79 and the Bulls timed out.

Rose drive a desperate shot hooking a foul which he misses the last one. 81-80.

Miami inbound and Le Bron James almost looses the ball but manage to cross the line and passed it to Bosh which was fouled and made the two free throws making the lead to 3 83-80.

Rose had the last shot but Lebron James tight defense block it.

At the end Rose and the Bulls are disappointed for what happen. The Bulls lead the regular season and the Miami Heat follows them at the second place.

James scored 28 points and 11 rebounds while Wade and Bosh scored a 21 and 20.

The Miami Heat will face the Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks.


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