Saturday, May 14, 2011

Justin Beiber's Dark Side

Many Justin Beiber fans felt dissapointed when the young singer visit and make a concert here in Manila. For the first time the filipinios will saw him-it was an incredible experience. The tickets was sold out, the fans were ready to have an authograph and take pictures with him. But that's not how the story ends. Beiber's impression to filipinos become worst than I could imagine.

When Justin and his crew arrived from NAIA, a dad tried his best to get closer to him and have a pen and pad to sign an authograph for his daugther.

But take a look on what he did. he tapped the poor man's hand and the CD fell on the ground. Nobody from the crew helped him nor Beiber apologizes.

The username is "V7Andrea" who uploaded this 19 seconds footage from a cellphone video with the title "How Arrogant Can You Be".

Comments flooded on a social networks. Some Beiber fans say's their idol is sick at that time, others found it very rude and Justin must apologize on it.

Though this things happened, Beiber tweets that the show that night was great. he thank all the people who support the concert.


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