Thursday, May 19, 2011

Japan's Renowned Preacher Here In Philippines

Filipinos will be blessed and will experience a once in a life time lecture about "love and spiritual power" as a well knowned lecturer Master Ryuho Okawa of Japan. 

Master Okawa has been devoted his entire life to the exploration of Truth and finding ways to bring happiness to people all over the world. 

He has authored over 700 titles including his foundational work "The Law of the Sun" and continuous to publish more and more. Mr. Sakibara, Happy Science Minister here in the Philippines added that Master Okawa has been guiding countless people to its happiness giving over 1,500 public lectures and broadcast 229 lectures via satellite all over the world today. 

The purpose of Happy Science is to build the Utopian Society, where people love and trust each other, around the world.

TodayMr. Okawa, the CEO and founder of Happy Science will be having a free lecture for the Filipinos on May 21, 2011 at Ynares Center Antipoli City at 3:00pm. 

Mr. Okawa expects that he can help Filipinos in finding their ways for their happiness.


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