Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Three Is Still The Big Three

Lebron James, Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh is the new big three after the James and Bosh joined Miami star Dwane Wade. Lately in the game 4, the big three shows how the big three is.

Game 4 ended on overtime at 85-85 while Rose misses his last shot to end the ballgame and tied the series.

At the last minute of the overtime, the Miami Heat led by 4 - 95-91 after Le Bron James scored a jump shot over the tight defense of Luol Deng. Meanwhile, Korver scored a 2pts after stepping on the line.

Wade was fouled and made 2 free throw shots making their lead up by 6, 97-91. All though Wade has poor shooting percentage, Wade manage to have a tight defensive block over Deng and Derick Rose.

Wade scored only 14 pts in a 5-16 shooting stats. Lebron scored 35pts and Chris Bosh added 22pts.

At the Bulls cage, Deng and Boozer added 20 pts to help Derick Rose with 23pts. But the Bulls power cannot manage the Heats Big Three.

The overtime period ends with 1-1-93 scored and hoping to end the Eastern Conference Finals on Game 5 at the Bulls.


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