Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Prospect

After James left the Cleveland Cavaliers this year, the no.1 pick still goes to the Cavaliers. The Cavs needs a whole team reformat after the top pick a few year before left the team and joined the Miami Heat with Dwane Wade and now at the Eastern Conference Finals against Derick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.
One of the prospect of the Cavs is the point guard of Duke is Kyrie Erving. "He might be the best player in college basketball. The kid is that good. He's that good." coach Mike Krzyzewski said.

Irving suffered a toe injury in which he could play only eleven (11) games for the team. But the kid was good and they know if he comes back he'll be a headache for everybody.

Still the Cavs got the No.4 pick and surely they will pick the best one to help Erving when the Draft Pick starts. One of the prospeck is the 6 foot 11 Enes Kanter of Turkey. 

Erving and Kanter on the Cavaliers at 2011-2012 season will be the best pic that they ever had since Lebron James. 

The NBA Draft Pick will be on June 23, 2011.


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